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S&G Studios™ is a boutique creative agency. We help companies stand out against the competition by demonstrating to the world who they are, what makes them special and why they should be hired.


A brand begins with identifying components – a logo, a color scheme, a distinct voice - they indelibly link to a certain product or service, and the company behind it. When branding is done properly, it helps distinguish and elevate it from similar or competing products or services. However, a brand is so much more. It’s also emotional. It’s not just in the mind, it’s in the heart. It’s a feeling a consumer or client has about a product or service. Effective branding is clear, unifying and consistent across all communication points, externally and internally. It's the heart and soul of every successful company.


Facts tell but stories sell. Facts are intellectual but stories are emotional. You have a much greater chance of developing a long term and loyal relationship with customers who make an emotional connection with you and your company. Your story is what causes them to know, like and trust you. When clients can’t differentiate between you and your competition, they will always make their decision to hire based on price...without fail. Your unique value proposition (UVP), or the distinctive value you provide your clients, is the most important element of your overall branding and marketing messaging.


Whether it's the logo, the look of the website or the business card, design should be uniform across all touchpoints, both externally and internally. It's been said that every great design begins with an even better story, and we certainly adhere to that belief. Design should not be for design's sake. It needs to visually communicate a brand's characteristics, its "personality" if you will, that will resonate with your ideal clients and consumers, and have them emotionally connect with your product or service. The right combination of shapes, fonts and colors will do the "talking" and often speak louder than words.


“Content is king.” We’ve all heard this one before, but it’s a well-worn cliché for a reason. Websites, marketing materials, videos, podcasts or anything else you want to present to your potential clients all need to immediately and directly engage them in a funny, entertaining or informative way. When people take the time to look at you, your materials need to be clear and compelling to honor that investment. Good content will confirm and support the quality of your brand and what you have to offer. Make sure that your story is well-told, because your story is worth telling.


Thumbnail Image of the Case Study of "Blade Runner Commercial Break Pods" that links to the video


This video tells the story of how we overcame the challenges of promoting a classic sci-fi film that fans know by heart. How were we to keep them watching through 9 long commercial breaks? The answer was creating these 5 second pods that kept viewers guessing and elevated the movie to a ratings success.


Thumbnail Image of "Hope Financial Consulting" that links to their websiteThumbnail Image of "Malena & Associates" that links to their websiteThumbnail Image of "Access Health Insurance Services" that links to their websiteThumbnail Image of "Air Crafts Heating & Air Conditioning" that links to their website


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USA, Animal Planet, Food Network, Syfy, Smithsonian Channel



Photo of April Kry, singer and songwriterPhoto of a remodeled kitchenPhoto of the interior of Bradbury Building in Los Angeles, CAPhoto of David Reivers, Actor


Here's what some of our clients have to say...

Sam and Gunilla De Santo of S&G Studios are experts with branding and design! Their process was organized, to the point, on schedule, and amazing. The end result was a sexy, powerful, wonderful new brand and website for my agency. They listen to your ideas and made talking about insurance intriguing. They handled everything from start to finish. We have new photos, a new logo, a new tagline, and a beautiful website that is easy to navigate. I could not be happier with the beautiful result of our new “look”. I highly recommend their services. Thank you, S&G Studios!

Joy Raine - President & CEO
Access Health Insurance Agency
As a business owner, I know my story well, but I was so involved that I was struggling to put it down on paper. I was referred to S&G Studios – and after the first meeting, Sam and Gunilla instantly understood the story I wanted to share. They brainstormed and skillfully created a message that instantly tells someone coming to my site what I do and why. Both Sam and Gunilla are master storytellers and helped me use the right words to create an instant connection with the visitors to my site. I’m grateful to have met both Sam and Gunilla who are so talented in their craft. I highly recommend S&G Studios.

Kelly Bagla Esq. - CEO
Bagla Law & Go Legal Yourself
All successful business communication starts with a story that's properly branded. I've worked with S&G Studios on several projects for my business and also for our clients with stellar results! From branded storytelling, business communication, branded graphic design, and consulting in all aspects of our projects, do yourself a favor. Stop looking, reach out right now and schedule a meeting with them. You can thank me later.

John Biethan - President, Producer
Imagine Podcasting
Working with Sam and Gunilla De Santo of S&G Studios has been an incredible experience that has helped me move from branding confusion to clarity. Their expert guidance and creative brilliance supported me with developing an authentic brand that truly represents who I am. They captured and expressed the essence and heart of my coaching business. I highly recommend Sam and Gunilla De Santo!

Peggy Lebo – Creator of True Voice Method™, Vocal Coach & Singer-Songwriter
True Voice Method™ & Peggy Lebo Music
It was a pleasure working with Sam and Gunilla of S&G Studios. They worked to overhaul my company’s website creating a new design and narrative to hone the message to our clients. With their help, clients can now readily see the various areas of focus that we offer and easily reach out for more information. The website has a great flow and garners many calls with positive feedback. I wholeheartedly recommend S&G Studios’ host of services!

Malena Bennett - Real Estate Broker
Malena & Associates
Sam and Gunilla are a pleasure to work with. Their work is impeccable. Sam is a creative genius - a true treasure. They complete their work on time and on budget, which with contractors, that is a rare quality. I highly recommend both Gunilla and Sam.

Jason Hope - CPA, CFA & Founder
Hope Financial Consulting



Photo of Sam De Santo on a film set directing Dennis HopperPhoto of Sam De Santo
S&G Studios, Inc.

Whether it’s with pencil or pen, pixel or paper, Sam is a multidisciplinary creative thinker.​​ With a Master's degree in film production from NYU's Tisch School of Arts, Sam is an accomplished director and writer. His thesis film was nominated for the prestigious Mobil Award and was screened at the Director's Guild in Los Angeles. It was also featured on Sci Fi Channel's short film show Exposure.​​

Additionally, he has enjoyed an illustrious career in the TV industry as a creative director and writer/producer of promotional spots and marketing campaigns for Emmy Award-winning shows like MONK, Battlestar Galactica and Steven Spielberg Presents TAKEN among others.​ Sam is also a gifted illustrator, cartoonist and photographer, and served as the lead storyboard artist on several independent feature films and music videos.​​

Sam has published his first children’s book, an historical action adventure novel, Bumble Humblestone and The Secret Cargo, which he both wrote and illustrated.


Photo of Gunilla De Santo
S&G Studios, Inc.Photo of Gunilla De Santo on a film set in Prague shooting Sci Fi Channel IDs

A detail-oriented big picture thinker, Gunilla has had her fingers in a lot of creative pies. As a heartfelt and expressive storyteller, and with a love for all things visual, she has enjoyed a multifaceted career in the arts.

A native of Sweden, she started her career there as a dancer and backup singer. After her move to the US, she became a promotions executive in the recording industry where she earned several gold records for her contributions. Transitioning to the independent film industry, she produced an award-winning short film, and then joined the Sci Fi Channel where she advanced to Vice President, Production & Project Management in Marketing and Branding.

During her tenure there, she produced numerous high-profile branding projects, collaborating with BAFTA-winning cinematographers John Mathieson (Gladiator) and Rob Hardy (Mission Impossible: Fallout), director Craig Gillespie (Million Dollar Arm & Cruella) and visual effects companies like The Mill (Gladiator & Black Hawk Down) and Smoke & Mirrors (GoldenEye opening credits).

Her work has achieved critical acclaim and has won her over 100 internationally renowned awards, including One Show, AICP (MOMA), The Art Director’s Club, D&AD and Clio among others.


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